how it all changes

Featured Dear little one,

A few months ago I decided to start writting this blog. Mainly because I needed to do something creative, except of being at home with you and your brother. At this point, I feel it's time for a summary. And also for a change, as now I am pretty sure that I cannot continue to run this parenting blog in the same way.

The absolutely best thing about blogging is the structure put on your photos and also your memories.

Of very high value are the connections you make, the people you meet. Till this day you had spent some nice time with Iguś from Iceland and the Dzieciaki from Cracow (it is how you call them). While reading other people's blogs, you can quickly assess whether you have a common language with them. Yet another thing is the inspiration - I got inspired by some bloggers and people on Instagram. And basically, I think that's it.

Lately I started to think about who am I writting to, and I realized that I would love to write to you.

I think about my own memories from my childhood, which often are very partial and blurred. I had asked your grandparents about them many times, but often they just can't remember. I would like to know more about how it was, and maybe some day you will also be interested in your own memories. Your father assures me that the content of this blog has a chance to survive ;)

Why make it public? Going public as a blog works as a motivation for me. I try to do my best with the photos, and I really love that about the blog, too. Perhaps someone will also get inspired, and that would be a nice feeling too.

Why in english? I realized while writting in english it was easier for me not to get to much exalted. I'm sure that you will speak fluent English and one day you will laugh at my Polish-English here ;)

Hope you enjoy!

Some thoughts about today, for starters. We went to Warsaw center to meet your father who was getting a tattoo done in the Powiśle district. We started off with lunch. You really liked the place, because it was next to the railway bridge, so you were trainspotting all the time we spent there. They had a full shelf of board games, so you were not really interested in the food, but rather in exploring the new games. We played Chińczyk and than you found a nice looking game, that had animals in it. Your brother was fairly calm, which was a pleasent surprise, as lately he had gotten some difficult baby-days. You wanted to take your scooter with you and go for a ride, in spite of the little rain. I took some photos of you on the scooter (which your godmother had given you just a few days ago). We went to meet your father in the tattoo studio. You were very interested in what was going on there, and as we were leaving, you said hey to everyone out loud. Today was a special day because you said bye in every place we had gone to. We had been talking about saying hello and goodbye for some time. I thought that was great.


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